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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Starting The Fillies...

Since one of my Farm Stay Apprentices from 2013, Taylor Dutton, was scheduled to return for a week this year I decided to take the opportunity to do some basic starting techniques for two of our fillies.
They are both about to turn 3 years, they are still a little down hill in their growth being a little higher in the rump than their front ends but all in all good to go. Their knees have closed nicely (ie: no big gaps between the bones) and it is my plan to proceed as they we did.

I'll only be posting a few photos here. I am saving most for a book I am working on... photo credits go to

Brandi M. Meyer Photography

 Trinity Red Star investigates the stripped down english style saddle. Light enough to put on and take off easily.
She'd gone around the pen one or two times in both directions, asked to stop and turn and connect. I don't round pen until the horse is tired or compliant or 'submissive' ... just enough to connect our minds.

 The lead rope mimics a girth with some pressure at a few locations from where a girth would sit all the way back to the flank.

 The 'flag' will show me any areas of concern. My goal is to have an aware horse without any ticklish spots...not a horse that is desensitized. 

 Trinity has worn her rain sheet from time to time all winter so placing the saddle pad is similar.

 The saddle is added....placed on, taken off several times from both left and right sides. My manner is matter of fact and 'as if' we've done this a million times. The girth is done up in a regular manner and we walk a few turns around the ring.

From time to time Trinity stopped and I  placed my hand under the girth to flood energy into the area to relieve any anxiety she was experiencing.. 

The book, probably in an e-book format, will have much more detail and explanation.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Medicine Herd's First Visitor

Watch the dance through the energy of the new member of the herd, returning 2013 apprentice Taylor Dutton.
If you have read the posts about Witty being integrated into the herd can you see the commonalities?
Taylor will be sitting and or lying relatively quietly in one place so her 'personality' won't be part of the mix but all else should be fairly similar.

The next few shots are of particular interest. Trinity Red Star is about to drop down at the 'edge of Taylor's energy bubble' and initiate the 'pump' which pulls energy from the tail bone to the top of the head in a profoundly rapid and all encompassing manner.

The 'pump' is complete and she moves swiftly toward Taylor.

Venus began the session and ends the session by scanning Taylor's energy bubble...finding all is as it should be and joins the others.