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Friday, 28 September 2012

Clothing and Autisitcs

Some autistic people cannot tolerate touch. Much of the materials used in the manufacture of clothing are painful to the body especially if the garment is snug, has collars and cuffs, prone to charging up with static electricity, has sewn in tags etc...this is not imagined discomfort. When the 'autistic' pulls on the material or tries to remove the garment it is because it is stimulating what I am going to call 'nerve endings' for now.
If our system becomes 'imbalanced and ungrounded' it is as though all of the nerve endings in our entire body become exposed. I need you to imagine what that feels like for a moment.
When this begins to occur, we will avoid 'other' people and places, foods and feelings that heighten the pain....I won't even call it 'discomfort' because that doesn't begin to describe it.
We avoid these things because one more iota of energy from an 'outside' source can put us over the edge.
In order to self manage we will sit and rock, run on tip toes (because the weight of our selves on the 'full foot' is excruciating) hand flap, spin, scream.......OR stay very still and focus on something...anything...which takes us to another place where the pain is not. Clothing...we like loose fitting natural fibers, no tight at all OR very snug which creates a swaddling effect. This swaddling helps flood all of the energy centers and redistributes it in a balanced way.
If we need to we will find ways to 'swaddle' ourselves such as rolling up tightly in a blanket head, feet and all...and staying there until the flood of feelings subsides.

Trick Ponies...and autism

So, perhaps you have taken your 'autistic' child to an equine therapy facility and the experience was not a 'good one'.....
either the vibration was simply not a match or as is the usual cause the horses themselves are not in a good state of balance.
Try another 'facility' around until it feels right.
This type of interaction rarely if ever requires riding the horse.
Autistics can sense a 'trick pony' a mile away and will empathize with them....why? Because it is at the moment they become a trick pony in your home that they begin to turn away............

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Autistic Horse

I have something I must say.....not particularly because I WANT to but because'the great big molten lava golden eagle spirit beings' who I have come to call The Grandmothers are here pushing me to say this. Most of this is not new or news but I would like to get on with my day and until I put this down they won't let me have a minute's peace.
We come from the stars.
We are bigger then our bodies.
The children we call Autistic are much 'bigger' than their bodies and carry too much light for their own good at this moment in time....but they do and they knew what they were signing up for.
(I am to tell you about Trinity Red Star now....who came to teach us about the Power of Three)
When Trinity arrived at Highfields she desperately wanted to connect with the people looking after her but for several reasons she could not.

1) The people were afraid of her, not of her physical self but of the energy and purpose she represented. They knew it was bigger than what they were used to in horse body beings. That fear made her afraid...of what she did not know. Everything and nothing.

2) The people had too much energy flowing through their systems which was of a slightly different vibration (slower and lower) which made their touch painful.

3) The people thought too much from their heads.....planning ahead....and this made her head hurt.

Trinity (along with the rest of the herd) slowly brought the peoples' vibration to a level that was tolerable to her system which included her body, all around her body..above and front and behind....and when that was achieved she allowed the people to begin to touch her.

The people let go of their fear and Trinity let go of hers as well.

The people started 'training from their hearts, not their minds' and everything fell into place as though a miracle had occurred.

All of the old training techniques INCLUDING the most gentle ones that had been used at the farm in the past had to be put on a shelf..and new ones put into play.

Thought form energy, complete congruity and unending trust.

The key to unlocking Trinity was her body size. She could not handle the enormous amount of life force energy flowing through her system...until she began to mature.

When her body became big enough and her skills became great enough and the others around her (people) learned how to manage themselves in a better way she showed herself to be the Star that she came to be here on earth.

We come from the stars.....

and so this is what 'they' want to say.....some bodies need to be big to handle the flow of energy.

Bones must be big and / or dense to handle the flow of energy.

There is more.....but it can wait for now.

See the 'autistics' in a different way....they are bringing light to the world