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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Day In The Life Of The Medicine Horse Woman..

so...I know that animals and birds bring me messages. Sometimes I am slow to catch on my favorite eagle....the largest by far of all who visit....was perched looking directly into the house. They usually have their backs to this direction while they scan the valley below for potential edibles. I should have known by this 'change' that there was a message in her being I was busy. Busy taking pictures, busy uploading them, busy answering questions via chat on Facebook...
Then I realized time was ticking and I needed to have my bath and get ready for the day. My bath has a HUGE window (as do all the rooms in this house) and I could still watch 'her' sitting in the tree..looking in. I began to think..thoughts...and I quickly knew they were not original to me. Not mine...and so here it goes.
"We are releasing old templates and are wide open as of today to rewrite anything we want. Revisit old hurts if you must..then release her if you like and she will take them where they need to go. Recreate....recreation....what a perfect time while Mercury is retrograde..."

The remainder of the 'usual' day was spent with the Medicine Horses, taking care of all their needs as well as the needs of my husband Les and our dog Maggie and myself. Meals cooked, house cleaned, dog exercised (as much as this twelve year old dog really wants to be exercised.....not that much!) and then at 4:30 pm I headed out to make a farm call.

A friend who I had not seen in a while had asked me to take a look at her relatively 'new' horse who has been exhibiting a lameness for close to six months. I hadn't been to this farm as yet and was quite surprised to find such a lovely facility tucked away so neatly and so conveniently close to the city of Victoria.

The horse is a VERY tall handsome Hanoverian, well mannered and obviously very much loved and well cared for.

The story unfolded to disclose several veterinarian visits, a few minor surgeries, corrective shoeing attempts, chiropractic adjustments, exercise regimes seemed no stones had been left unturned...

My initial observations were that he seemed anxious which expressed itself with 'lippiness' and quick head movements. When his blankets were removed I could see he was well cared for. Sleek glossy coat, well muscled and an overall look of good health.  I placed my hands on him and felt nothing. There was no 'life' under the coat. His eyes were bright and 'with it'...he was noticing me and what I was doing, but he had no corresponding or 'return' of feeling to my touch.... I don't mean to confuse this feeling I was looking for with is response which is different.

This lack 'of feeling' tells me that a horse has a somewhat restricted flow of force and since the lameness was expressing itself in a front leg/foot this means the main restriction is through the heart center.

I began by opening all of the major centers by starting at the tail head, moving forward and paying special attention to the legs and joints. His yawning, a sign of flow moving forward and off the physical system, began quite quickly and continued throughout the session.
As I worked..I taught the owner how to mimic what I was doing. I often do this in order to help the horse remain open, as well as helping the owner remain open.
The 'method' is simple and easy to remember especially if you have tried it once or twice.

Because he is so very tall, probably close to 18 hands! working on the crown (poll) was tricky for my short self to accomplish from the ground!
He tended to brace upwards through the neck as most horses with who have been living with restricted flow will.
As the energy moved up the system into the crown area his resistance increased and he came up 'on the muscle' even more. He began to shake his head vigorously and then very quickly and dramatically dropped his head and softened.

I returned to the tail head area, ran energy through the system and I noticed that he immediately licked and chewed which told me the energy was able to move through the entire system freely. His body slackened, his ears remained relaxed and forward and he said 'Thank you' the way horses do with a soft loving look.

I noted and mentioned to the owner that the horse's front feet were of unequal lengths due to his latest shoeing. His conformation is fairly good and so I suggested the farrier should take more care in that area with him. This small adjustment alone can make a HUGE difference to the weight bearing and way of going for a horse. Details....

We put him in his stall to relax, eat his supper and to continue to process the energy in peace and quiet. His owner and I stood talking about the session when we were approached by another boarder in the barn, a woman, who asked me "What did you just do?".."Is this T-Touch or something?".."Who are you?"
To which I replied  "I am Tina Barnes, no this is not T-Touch, I ran energy through the horse's system the way his mother would do and now he feels better!"

She said "I can SEE THAT!", but I didn't see what you did!" .. and so she asked if I would show her sometime.

As it happened her daughter was just finishing up a lesson on one of their horses and so I said I could quickly give them the Cole's Notes version of MareSpeak, Harmonic Focal Point Balancing which is what I call this thing I do :)
View HFP Balancing Here

The mare is a lovely Arab/Quarter Horse cross and the 'story' is that she hates to be touched...anywhere by anyone.
She would tolerate it but did not like it and she expressed this dislike through biting and kicking, especially when being saddled.
The daughter put the mare in cross ties and the mare immediately became agitated, flipping her head, dancing in the cross ties.
The daughter moved away and I moved in beginning by showing them how 'loaded' the mare was throughout her entire system.
I held my hands about six inches off of her 'near side' barrel and the mare twitched rapidly for several seconds. I dropped my hands, waited and repeated by raising my hands once more. This time the twitching was slower and less frequent.
Again I dropped my hands, waited and brought them up and placed then on the physical horse. She was soft, yielding and quiet. I turned to look at 'her people' and their mouths were open and a few tears were evident.

Since I was there and had the time I finished up with an overall quick balancing paying special attention to the mare's mouth.
She had 'told' me there were problems there.
I ran energy by placing my thumbs in her cheeks and while doing this I noticed a few sharp edges on her teeth and so I relayed this information to the owner.
She told me that the mare had regular dental exams and work and so I suggested that this had either been missed or a recent change had taken place.
Her owner was concerned and said she would call the vet in right away.

I finished this session by asking the daughter to come and touch the mare all over to see if there would be any reactions and there weren't any of note.
I could tell the 'people' were quite surprised at how quickly the horse changed..but that is how it works! Simple and quick!

A third horse owner approached to ask questions but since it was getting past the time I had promised Les I would be home I promised to visit the farm again one day soon.

And so that is a day in the life of the Medicine Horse Woman!

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