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Friday, 28 September 2012

Clothing and Autisitcs

Some autistic people cannot tolerate touch. Much of the materials used in the manufacture of clothing are painful to the body especially if the garment is snug, has collars and cuffs, prone to charging up with static electricity, has sewn in tags etc...this is not imagined discomfort. When the 'autistic' pulls on the material or tries to remove the garment it is because it is stimulating what I am going to call 'nerve endings' for now.
If our system becomes 'imbalanced and ungrounded' it is as though all of the nerve endings in our entire body become exposed. I need you to imagine what that feels like for a moment.
When this begins to occur, we will avoid 'other' people and places, foods and feelings that heighten the pain....I won't even call it 'discomfort' because that doesn't begin to describe it.
We avoid these things because one more iota of energy from an 'outside' source can put us over the edge.
In order to self manage we will sit and rock, run on tip toes (because the weight of our selves on the 'full foot' is excruciating) hand flap, spin, scream.......OR stay very still and focus on something...anything...which takes us to another place where the pain is not. Clothing...we like loose fitting natural fibers, no tight at all OR very snug which creates a swaddling effect. This swaddling helps flood all of the energy centers and redistributes it in a balanced way.
If we need to we will find ways to 'swaddle' ourselves such as rolling up tightly in a blanket head, feet and all...and staying there until the flood of feelings subsides.

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