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Saturday, 15 March 2014

A New Day, A Quieter Gentler Feeling

We left off yesterday feeding and closing Whitty inside for the night.
This morning Saturday 15, 2014 when I fed all was quiet.
The electric fence is turned off and Whitty's doors reopened to his paddock.
He made no move to leave or even to go outside.
He ate his breakfast along with the others while I cleaned stalls.
There is a light drizzle outside but turnout is a must as we have clients arriving early this afternoon and the horses need their time together outside to prepare.

I led Whitty to his round pen and went back to get Jet.

I was pleased to notice that Whitty did not call nor did he run around in anticipation or worry. He stood silently still until Jet reached his pen.

I went back for the rest of the girls and then brought out his hay net as well as a few flakes of hay for the others.

When I opened the gate to the mares' paddock Whitty charged around his pen and made 'moves' as though he would have liked to jump out and go with them but the rails are high, solid and the footing is deep...and so he gave in and watched them go.

Jet is still very much in season as can be seen from her position next to the fence, straining. The fillies are not interested and are eating their hay and nibbling grass. First order of the day was to roll in the mud for all of them!

My plan is to bring Jet in first then Whitty, then the I shall update when the day is complete!

This is how it went....

 I brought Jet in first, then Venus followed by a reluctant Trinity (all 4 mares are in season now) .... Sirius backed into her corner again and said.."take him out first so he's not alone..I can wait"... I led him into his stall where his walkout door had been left closed so as not to allow him to charge outside and get himself all worked up. 

He remained gentle and 'quiet as a lamb'. 

I went back for Sirius and led her to her stall.

I went back to Whitty and opened his walkout door. 

He barely noticed....and instead went quietly back to eating his hay. 

He let out two very long 'let down' sighs....and gave his head a slow shake. 

I slipped off his halter. 

I returned to groom him and all was calm quiet otherworldly......amen

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