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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Turning Point

March 20, 2014.....a turning point on the farm for the horses.

Whittington also known as Whitty has requested that we simply refer to him as Wit...and so from here on it..Wit it is!

Even though Jet seems to still be in season.....(how much longer can it last??????) she was much calmer about life and so I decided to turn Wit out with her for the morning.
I left the fillies in hoping that the two older horses could better get to know each other without the three sisters running interference.

Wit was delighted to have some room to run and gave a few good bucks of joy.

Jet had only one thing on her mind and that was to get Wit to stand still.

She pushed him around at a much slower pace then she'd been doing the last few times they'd been out together...but she was quietly pesky nonetheless and he was becoming annoyed with her.

One of the highlights of this turnout was when both horses dropped to the ground simultaneously and enjoyed several good grounding rolls. Neither horse bothered the other while rolling individually which was wonderful to see. Sometimes horses who have not been out in groups have great difficulty feeling at ease when another horse is rolling or laying down and will go to great lengths to get them up.

I managed to get their stalls and paddocks cleaned while they were out.
When I took a lead rope out Wit looked up from nibbling hay from a shared net and trotted straight to me...saying he needed a break from Jet..which made me smile.

Wit.....has returned to his stall and is watching the three fillies romp in the ring

Another turning point between Wit and I had occurred earlier at morning feed time.
He has let me know since he arrived that he dislikes having his ears touched.
He has been subtle but firm in moving away from touch unless 'made' to accept it.
When I pull up my step stool to groom his head he tenses.
I've always had great and rapid success helping horses with ear troubles but I really wanted to take my time with Wit. I wanted to work in 'drips' instead of floods. I suspected he'd had some trauma around his ears either for clipping or ?
Horses can also be 'ear shy' from an abundance of brow and crown energy that needs to move off the body Flooding the area with energy will usually remedy the situation in a matter of minutes.
In Wit's case the under muscle of the ear was quick to engage while at the same time nothing about the rest of him displayed tension or aggravation.

I'd been grooming him some energy healing (Equine Harmonic Focal Point) and moving on to other areas. The last few times he'd looked at me as if to say "Is that all you want?"....

This morning I was standing on his right side straightening up his nibble net and he was watching me intently....he slowly lowered his head and placed his ear in my hand....softly, quietly, gently...and held it there.
When he was finished getting what he needed  he turned and faced me full on and dropped his head further for me to touch his brow.

Vulnerable. Trusting.

Turning Points.

Today is the first day of spring 2014.

Three new eagles are visiting or perhaps deciding to stay?

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