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Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Truly Fine Day

April 2 2014

It seemed like the perfect day to decide on a turnout order, stick to it and get everybody in the same field. I'd noticed the day before that Sirius and Venus weren't as dedicated to the task of establishing ground rules as Jet always is.
Jet never seems to take a break. She relaxes between 'teachings' to be sure but is there when required in an instant. The language of the herd is becoming subtler unless Wit transgresses repeatedly or stronger. For instance this morning he was feeling pretty special and as the fillies were brought to the field he became quite light in the front end. His head was up. He began posturing as a stallion would when greeting another stallion and when Venus entered the field, the last to be turned out, Wit struck out and gave what is known as a roar.
Well, he probably should not have done that.
Jet had been eating grass a distance down the hill and swung back to clock him good and soundly with both back feet.
She moved him down the hill and away where the two of them remained for a time.
I left to retrieve my camera.
Upon my return I could see that things had settled down, the fillies had moved closer to Jet and Wit and everyone seemed to content.

Sirius and Venus are grazing together, Wit faces the opposite direction. Jet is nearby watching but not interfering.
Venus moves on from Sirius and Wit has decided to attempt to join Venus. 
He stops to bite at his right front leg, part of the heart chakra system.

He strides toward her and when she raises her head he is fully prepared to high tail it out of there.
The recent 'language' teachings from the mares has prepared him to be careful.

Venus presents a relaxed head, eye, ear position and so Wit continues toward her.

Sirius takes up her big sister position, Venus is prepared to swing to her right to allow Sirius room should she ask for it but Wit has learned to move on quietly and does so.

Wit is moving toward Venus again. Some might think it is because he is fond of her and he very may well be, but it is more than likely a move to place Venus below him on the herd pecking order for his own sense of security in the herd. Soon he will learn that cooperation and connection will give him the security he seeks.

Jet comes between and slowly but firmly drives Wit on.

As Venus moves on Wit has learned to ignore her. Later in the day another lesson is taught involving Venus and Wit...quite a different lesson from this so watch for it!

Jet moves the fillies calmly and quietly to the top of the hill and groups them. Wit is near the bottom of the hill grazing quietly.

I've been waiting for the mares to begin a 'balancing' for Wit and it is. The series of photos below will show the fillies engaging in balancing 'themselves' which serves to bring into balance 'all'.

The matriarch and Master Healer Teacher Jet watches, witnesses, assists and grounds the entire session.

Venus and Sirius begin at the Gonad or Sacral center......remember earlier that Wit had shown 'stallion like' behavior by posturing, striking and roaring? He was displaying and abundance of energy sitting in that area that wants to move...and so the fillies simply begin there...

Trinity moves in to assist with grounding the Gonad energy through Root to ground....

Venus moves lays her chin on Sirius' back and moves her head from side to side distributing energy along the spine line helping to move Gonad through Solar Plexus...

Sirius lays her head on Venus' back and reciprocates the movement of energy along the spine line.

Grounding Root 

Solar Plexus, Heart and Crown....


Note that the mares are moving closer to Wit who has remained in his position at the bottom of the hill.

Lots of grounding here which means they are completing the process..
Look how close they have moved to Wit.
Note his head position. He is processing old emotions..


The neighbour's dog has run in to the adjacent paddock. The mares keep their heads down. The know the dog well. He is an old timer who visits from time to time. He is hard of hearing and moves slowly. Wit however has not yet met the old dog and is alarmed. He moves quickly toward the other paddock and seems to say to the other horses 'Look....look over there! Danger!'

Sirius has joined him to look and Jet who is in the rear of the herd begins to make her move.

Jet positions herself between the other paddock and Wit and calmly swings him back with the 'safety' of her herd.

We were blessed to be joined by this large raven..

Later in the day as 'the herd' grazed (yes Wit has been allowed in) the next door neighbour to the south of us started his tractor. Until now it has been quiet but for the sounds coming from the sheep and lambs.

 Wit is 'alarmed' but Venus continues to graze.

Venus raises her head, drops her hip....MareSpeak for I am relaxed. I am here. I am your protector. The mare does this with her foal as an invitation to nurse. When the foal comes to nurse the mare remains somewhat on guard which allows the foal to relax and get in to a good flow in more ways then one. By dropping her hip...the hip opens allowing energy to flow more quickly and easily from root (fear) to ground .. Mother Earth. She feels his fear but does not react to it...instead she redirects the energy and the fear disappears.

 Venus redirects Wit's attention, keeps her head low and brings his 'fear' to ground.

All in all it was a fantastic day for Wit and the herd. The lessons throughout were gentle yet effective. Jet worked all day on teaching Wit about 'foot falls' and speed of entry to the herd. She taught him about fear mongering. Alarmists don't make good herd members nor do they make a good leader.

I look forward to the day they are able and willing to work on Wit's body in the physical. I hope to be camera ready to share with you!

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