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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Cycles and Strong Medicine

April 28, after a few days in and out of pasture due to lots of activities at the farm the horses have been turned out  for the summer.
Trinity Red Star has come back around in season and is very willing to get up close and personal with Witty.
What I am noting with great interest is that Wit is not showing the 'stallion-like' behavior he had been during the mares' last heat cycles.
Rather, he seems to be trying to help move energy.
In past cycles he would have taken every opportunity to engage nibbling along the hind legs and under the tail checking for receptivity.
Instead he moves energy along from heart to gonad...back to heart and repeatedly grounds at heart.
This is a technique Luc had used in an effort to help ease pain while the mares were in season. The mares would come to Luc for help in these times and he would oblige unless all three needed help at the same time! Then he would beg for mercy to be moved away from them!

Even though Trinity flags, winks and urinates Wit ignores the signs and continues his work.

Wit insists that Trinity remain facing him....

For now, Trinity's intensity has diminished and the two move off to graze.

April 29, The horses spent their first night out in pasture. As has been their custom in the past, the mares begin to lay down together in an area we refer to as  'the church'. Venus has offered to remain standing as sentinel giving Wit an opportunity to join the mares but he remains standing. The 'meditation' was short having been interrupted by heavy equipment in action next door.

Later in the afternoon Jet, Sirius and Venus lay down in close proximity to one another. Wit and Trinity begin a balance and grounding for one another.

Wit moves in and acted as though he was going to lie down...but couldn't quite let down enough to do so.

Instead, he takes up the sentinel position and drifts off...

When Trinity moved in closer to the group all of the other mares stood up. Jet positioned herself between Wit and Trinity quietly slowing down the determined march Trin had been making toward Wit.
Sirius Eclipse begins to make a move in front of Witty while Jet, Trin and Venus close the exit doors. 
He is effectively boxed in. This has been done almost in slow motion.

Wit is not used to Sirius approaching him in such a quiet head down manner. She actually appears to have quite a dislike for him up until this point.
Sirius begins a slow 'brushing' action along Wit's front legs and chest. 
Trinity closes in the box from behind.

Jet and Venus continue to hold their doors closed. 

Trin and Sirius work together...quietly...and slowly
They are trying to keep Wit from leaving out of fear.

Wit is unsure, but hangs in as best he can.

Jet moves in and steers Wit away... taking him off to the side of the group.

Jet maintains a position...softens her body...and offers Wit to join her...
Jet moves in to a state of meditation...this will entrain Wit's (and the others) to her rhythm.

Trinity begins to show the effects of Jet's work and is becoming drowsy.

Trinity goes down...

Wit is becoming drowsy...and much more relaxed.
The following photos show minute details of changing position...Jet positions herself ever nearer Wit...Sirius moves to find balance points among the group energy...and Venus begins to work her special kind of magic with Trinity who is experiencing pain from her being in season...most specifically just ahead of the flank area...

Venus moves slowly but very purposefully toward Trinity.

Venus scans and breathes energy along Trinity's spine.

Venus places her left front foot on Trin's back...the balance between masculine and feminine...a way they have of bringing hormones into balance.

Venus switches to right from foot....heart energy.
A series of 'open mouthed bites' and yawns accompany her technique.

Venus grounding Trinity's energy...allowing it to move off the body.

Meanwhile Wit and Jet had been stimulated by this movement of energy and have moved apart. Jet has established a beautiful 'one mind' connection with Wit and invites him back to her.

Wit responds immediately quietly taking up a position on the opposite side to where he had been.

Venus continues breathing along Trin's spine bringing balance and grounding to not only Trin but the entire group.

The two mature horses are standing in a most balanced position signifying their work is nearly complete...and within seconds Jet begins a series of deep yawns. 

Yawning expresses pent up latent energies bringing a sense of well being and relaxation to the herd.

This herd is rapidly becoming One.

Yesterday which was April 30, the mares had moved up to the top pasture to graze and Wit had lingered behind. Jet walked back to the gate and nickered to Wit in a voice reserved for mares with their foals...and he happily trotted up to her side and they moved into the pasture together.
Heart warming to say the least.

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  1. I love looking and reading this over an over . Thanks Tina , I look forward to more like this .