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Friday, 6 June 2014

Total Integration

Our Medicine Herd has a ritual of laying down in an area we refer to as 'The Church'.
This is a very tight little circle in the upper pasture and in the past has been their preferred location for deep meditative work.
The mares recently returned to this location after the sheep next door were moved from the adjacent holding pen. While the sheep were there, Jet especially, preferred to keep close to them. It seemed as though the horses comforted the sheep who had been separated from their lambs.
Wit has been absolutely enfolded into this healing herd and is very loved by them all as you will see from this small selection of photos. He and Jet are closely bonded but not in the way most mares and geldings would bond. They do not express anxiety when removed from one another. There is a peacefulness and solid feeling of permanence and knowing between them.

This integration into our herd seems like a miracle to many horse people who have contacted me since reading this blog. To me this is as natural as breathing.
I have witnessed similar integrations hundreds of times and knew what to expect next.
This is not to be confused with wild horse behavior although there are many deep rooted 
similarities to be sure! 
This is domesticated horse herd behavior and given a chance and the right circumstances all horses would prefer to live harmoniously with company of their own kind.
Every single day Wit expresses his joy and gratitude for this opportunity.
I am not saying for one second that his former life was anything else but good. He has obviously had excellent care and been well loved.
Now he can have more...more of his own true nature.
This past week, when clients arrive, Wit has been first to come forward.
His eagerness to pass on his good feelings brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes.
He is quickly becoming known for his solid ability to ground energy and open pathways.
Above all else, he is loving it!
I have made the decision to hold back from posting more photos and instead will put together a book outlining the entire process from start to finish.
It is my hope that more people will give their horses a chance to spend time in as natural a state as possible to allow their true nature to emerge.

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