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Sunday, 20 July 2014

A Taste of Her Own Medicine

July 20 2014

I was working on my computer in 'the office' when I was drawn to pick up my camera and see what the horses were doing. 
First glance out the window showed me that Sirius was travelling and Venus was watching over her, deep in her own meditative space.
Soon I was to see why I'd been given the message to 'witness'.

From seemingly out of nowhere Jet crosses the paddock and in a deliberate move chases Venus away.
She may have been feeling that the energy was too strong...and it caused her to react in this way.

Venus appeared to be quite saddened by this admonishment...

The interaction had not gone unnoticed by Trinity Red Star... with ears back she strode purposefully in Jet's direction.

Jet moves off..

Jet established herself at the next pile of hay... but Trinity has not yet finished giving Jet a taste of her own medicine.

 With Venus watching intently, Trinity strides toward Jet in no uncertain terms. She is on purpose.

 This action really held my attention, because not only did Trinity move Jet off the pile, she continued to 'drive her' without once touching her with teeth or feet. She is kind, firm, fair and loving. She is simply saying that bullying will no longer be tolerated in this herd.

 Trinity's pressure is just enough to get the desired result, and once achieved she turns off the pressure...and all is forgotten and forgiven....until next time.

Such is the society of the horse.

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