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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Preparation For a Group Session ~ Their Way

The following series of photographs depicts a typical day in the life of the herd here at Thirteen Moons Farm. A group is gathering to discover their connection to the healing of horses through astrology and especially their connection through Chiron (Kyron) and where it sits in their birth charts. Renowned astrologer Melanie Lichtinger is spending her second day in a row here at the farm, June 17 2015.
One of our local eagles has landed in the tree. He flew in singing. This is like a call to the horses who begin their walk up from the lower paddock to the area we've come to know as 'The Church'
Wit, Trinity Red Star and Venus DreamWalker have taken up position in the church and are waiting for Jet and Sirius Eclipse to arrive.

Jet makes her way.

Jet's arrival is a signal to Venus to move to 'her spot'.

A Killdeer has joined in.

Sirius Eclipse makes her way up from the bottom of the hill.

She moves to her sister Venus and lies next to her.

Jet and Sirius lie down simultaneously.

Eagle is watching over.

Wit has changed direction, faces the sun and is standing over Trinity Red Star.

They are joined by a very young rabbit.

The sun is full on Wit and he basks in its warmth.

Both eagles are here.

The herd is down, the eagles are in the tree to the west watching over. The herd remains in this meditative state for slightly more than an hour. They will rise and return to their 'normal' routine of having their morning feed and at noon will be brought in to the barn out of the heat to await their visitors.
The group gathers to discover their Chiron Connections. During this time spent a distance apart from the horses a process of entrainment occurs. The balanced herd will feel the newcomers' energy patterns and will begin the process to shift energy into balance and harmony.

The up close and personal 'tweaks' take place. When the group enters into the immediate realm of the horses energy field one or more of the horses will 'present' themselves by coming in to their stall from their walkout. The stall door is opened, the group forms a semi-circle and the horse moves to where it feels guided and begins to open any restrictions in flow.

Left arm is specific to opening heart.

Jet is working on healing patterns regarding separation from the mother, something she is quite famous for.

Venus DreamWalker brings reminders of home.

Heart energy, more openings happening here along with some work with solar plexus.

Three year old Venus is one of the few that responds well to hands on interactions with clients. Not all horses are able to handle being 'moved in on' during their processing of energy.

Trinity Red Star moving energy up the system, bringing balance along with grounding as she works.

Power house Wit bringing balance between both hemispheres of the brain. He moves from one side to the other and finishes in the center of the brow. This is referred to here as a 'triactivation'. The group process is complete. The horses will rest for a time and then are once again turned out to resume their balanced natural lifestyle. 

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