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Monday, 26 March 2012

Client Stories~The Biter

I work with troubled horses.
I listen to the stories as told by the owners, determine where the miscommunication stems from, which energy centers are at play and work from there.
The 'story' on this horse as told prior to my arrival at the farm went something like this.
The horse, a paint gelding, was bred and raised by the owners. They also owned the dam and sire.
He had developed some dangerously bad habits including vicious biting and striking towards people.
The owners had spent grand amounts of money hiring trainers to help with the problem and had been advised that the horse was dangerous and should be put down.

His name was Night Star but his nick name was Bitey Boy.

I was visited (dream time) the night prior to travelling to the horse's home by a red and white paint horse. He was quite stunning and told me simply that there was a simple mis-communication.....

My husband Les and I arrived at the farm and as I walked around the barn towards the horse paddocks I fully expected to see a red and white paint...but there wasn't one there! This was a first for me! I had never been incorrect 'in knowing' a horse that had connected prior to the actual visit.

The owners greeted Les and I and asked if we would mind waiting for a few friends of theirs to arrive who wanted to witness the session. I didn't mind at all! This gave me an opportunity to get a feel for the people, the other horses and the place.

The horse was fetched from his paddock. Two people, each with a lead rope stretched to its limit were on either side. The horse in the middle could not reach either handler to bite.

Bitey Boy was turned loose in a small paddock and immediately trotted to his owner's side with the fence safely between them.

The horse reached his head through the fence board and his owner immediately began to flip his fingers playing with the gelding's muzzle. Les noticed this right away and asked me quietly if I was going to tell the owner to stop....but I waited for the rest of the 'audience' to arrive and continued to watch this exchange between horse and owner. I also made note of an older mare nearby who looked very much like Bitey Boy and was told she was his dam. She sent disapproving looks towards the gelding frequently which told me she was not happy with the state of his energy system.

Ten or fifteen more minutes passed and the rest of the group arrived.

I began by telling the owner to stop playing with the muzzle.

I explained that in the language of the horse, and especially (but not limited to) male horses, the interaction with each others 'lips' sets up a play session. Play to the horse is or can be running, bucking, rearing, striking......BITING!
The owner was inadvertently asking the horse for 'play'..... and was getting what he asked for....but not liking it....and so the platform for one of the most common forms of mis-communication between horse and human was built....solidly.

I picked up my rope halter and walked to the gate to enter the paddock....I knew the people who were familiar with the behavior of this horse were concerned for my safety and so I 'worked' my energy system to override their worry. I moved their 'fear' (root) off of my lower back, into the ground while at the same time moving it up and over my head.....

The gelding turned to face me then quickly trotted towards me.
He turned his head sideways and low to move in to bite at me (play), and I connected physically with my fingertips just below his eye. He stopped. He looked at me for a brief moment and then snaked in to bite again.
I connected with him below the eye, this time with the heel of my hand while at the same time 'enlarging' my energy field substantially.

Bitey Boy stepped back and away in quiet submission....and Night Star returned.

I slipped my halter on under his nylon one and quickly went to work opening all of his energy centers using MareSpeak....

He was wonderful to work with. He was intelligent. He connected immediately. He was very sorry for his behavior! He JUST didn't know! Nobody told him in his language that he wasn't supposed to PLAY!
He THOUGHT he was doing the right thing!...and when I asked him not to play it was immediate. He understood.

As Night Star's energy began to flow and balance his mother moved closer to the fence...grazing...and said thank you.

Night Star pictured above with his owner. His energy is just about to move up through the crown and brow....his muzzle is 'set'...his ears are back. He is not quite sure how to 'be' with his owner in this new arrangement.

Soon after this photo was taken the energy flowed 'out' through licking, chewing and yawning. The horse and his owner both relaxed and we moved forward into establishing a new relationship. Not once did the horse offer to bite..not even a flicker of  a thought in that direction. He became a quiet gentle sweet boy and was led around by both of his owners including the wife who had been TERRIFIED of him.
His people truly loved him..and it showed.

Night Star was turned out again and we went to the house for coffee. The owner ran upstairs to get a picture of Night Star's sire (deceased) and brought it to me......he is the red and white paint and is buried on the property.... :)


  1. You always know.... the answer isn't always right there in front of you, but you always know :) It's a beautiful thing.

  2. Thank you Judy.....those words help me to keep going.