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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mutual Grooming

'They' call it mutual grooming, 'they' being the regular horse community.  

If the horses were mutually grooming each other they would pick out each other's tails..and manes...maybe take the mud off of each other's legs and feet.

I'll tell you about the 'unseen' in this photograph.

To my left and about 30 feet or so away is a round pen.
In the round pen is another magnificent Medicine Horse (visiting for the day) named Spirit.

Spirit and his Medicine Woman, Hallie are working with a client.....
In a nearby paddock two more Medicine Horses are working....Lava and Taz....

Along the fence you see in this photo in front of me is another Medicine Woman, Megan

and behind me another my left there are three more Deborah, Marnie, Wendy..... Some standing, one squats and yet another is laying flat on the earth.

The client is weeping.
Energy is moving from the root, through the gonad and up into heart....
Luc, Jet and I in partnership are balancing the are all of the other helpers in the moment whether they be birds, butterflies, dew worms.....the plant people...the rock people....
We're all in this together.
...and so no...the horses are not 'mutually grooming'...they are trying to help us all achieve balance and grounding....

Thank you Horses Teachers...

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