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Friday, 16 March 2012

Our Team

Luc aka Lucullus meeting a new friend and working his magic.....
Luc is 21 years old. He was imported from Germany as a 4 year old by the owners of Spruce Meadows in Calgary Alberta and it is rumored that at one time he sold for $250,000.00.
He was successful in both the jumper and dressage rings earning himself a good reputation and many honors in both.
Luc developed a 'lameness' which his owners tried desperately to diagnose and treat, but to no avail.
Luc is enjoying his retirement at Highfields and is once more earning a world wide reputation as a magnificent Medicine Horse.
His lameness has disappeared.

Jet shown with Luc and Tina Barnes during a session....

Jet is 20 years of age and was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. Her registration papers show her as having been sold several times especially throughout her early years.
Jet finally found a long term home and love with a local Vancouver Island woman who enjoyed Jet for many years.
Jet developed navicular and was eventually gifted to me.
Jet has a desire to work with women who have reproduction problems, men with 'closed' hearts and children who have shut down....she also expressed a desire to raise foals of her own and since she was aged and not the best candidate to breed we chose instead to purchase two foals 'for her'...
The foals, three in all, arrived at Highfields in late September and Jet is the happiest we have ever seen her. It is our intention to allow this family to flourish in as natural an environment as we can produce on our small acreage.

Sirius Eclipse .... looking forward to the day's work
Trinity Red Star ..... all heart with tons of soul

Luc and Jet with a group of young animal communicators
Luc balancing a client ...
always an eagle or two watching over the work.....

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