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Friday, 16 March 2012

Tina Barnes and The Medicine Horses...

I am Tina Barnes and this is the blog I have created to speak on behalf of my herd of Medicine Horses and me...
Through this forum it is our desire to awaken and expand the knowledge of ancient healing wisdom as taught by the animals to humans.
Animals have always led the way...humans watched how the animals chose plants, water sources and places and the humans would follow the lead.
At Thirteen Moons Farm our horses are teaching us all of the time about 'medicines' and the way they heal themselves, each other and us.
Come along on the journey...The Way of the Medicine Horse.
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  1. Hi Tina I enjoyed our short visit with you and your knowledge. As soon as I got settled I opened up my computer to read more. I left with a lot to think about and ended up with millions of questions.And wished I asked more about my horses and your horses. Anyway thank you very much it was very liberating.

    1. Liberating is good :) Thank you for viewing in once in a while!