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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Jet and Trinity, An Unusual Bond

To set the scene....when I first noticed this series of events the horses were in the following positions: Jet was standing at the far left side of the paddock, Luc was laying flat out at the far right side of the paddock and the two fillies were laying side by side in the middle of the paddock. This series begins when Jet lies down.

 Trinity lifts her head, followed by Sirius.
 Trinity rises....
 ..and signals to Sirius to stay where she is. Normally the two fillies get up together.
 Trinity moves quietly, yet with purpose towards Jet.
 Trinity's ears are forward signalling good will.
 Jet has NEVER been known to allow anyone or anything close to her while she is a vulnerable on the ground position. This is the second day in a row that this 'ritual' has been allowed.
 Notice in the following photographs that the filly lowers her head to 'work' and raise her head between 'sessions' which creates a 'pump'. This 'pump' pulls energy from the tailbone to the top of the head.

 The photograph above shows Trinity grounding through the root / hind legs....
 ...and back to the balancing.
 Jets head drops lower and lower as she relaxes through the session.
 ...meanwhile on the other side of the paddock ...
 Luc begins a series of deep yawns...
 ..and Trinity pivots away from Jet and moves toward Luc.
 Trinity drops her head, nibbles grass and slides in closer to Luc.
 Luc flattens out again...
 Trinity comes closer.
 Luc raises up..
 ..onto his sternum.
 Pins his ears and moves his head towards Trinity..
 ...Trinity swings in one swift quiet movement..and slowly moves away.
Luc resumes his 'deep' grounding on his own....for now

Trinity finds a quiet lay down. Lots of good feelings on the land here today.

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