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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Searching For Place and Peace

The youngest member of the herd, Venus DreamWalker is a constant reminder to us of the need to belong. She searches each and every day for a way to connect with another member on a deeper level. She is searching for a balancing partner and sometimes, most times, one of 'us' fills the gap replicating another horse to give her 'the touch' every body needs.

April 30, 2013 she quietly seeks balance with Luc and Sirius and later Trinity.

 Luc and Sirius balancing each other and all that surrounds them
 Venus begins to maneuver her way closer 
 Under the watchful eye and energy of the eagle

 The circling begins....Venus has been careful up to this point to keep an equal distance away as she circles, grazing, however Luc feels she has come in too close..and drives her out.

 Venus 'baby talks' hoping to win favor
 Luc and Sirius resume their balancing
 Venus tries again, by circling

 As long as she remains at 'the edge' of the allowed perimeter all is well

 Venus begins to 'poke' her head to the inside

 Luc braces his neck as he stops his work with Sirius. 
In unison Venus returns to the outside of the circle
 Venus approaches Trinity to assess her willingness to balance with her

 An eye movement is all it takes to tell Venus 'not right now'..
 Venus is learning the subtleties of the Medicine Herd. 

 Balancing and grounding complete
The herd resumes grazing for now.

This teaching will continue with Venus until she refrains from interrupting 'work in progress' whether that be balancing and grounding or meditation.
Sometimes, when the other horses lie down to drift away to other realms, Venus becomes agitated and paws at their bodies to 'bring them back'.
This is all part of the process.
Stay tuned.....