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Sunday, 30 March 2014

All's Quiet

We've had so many rainy days in the last week or so it has meant the horses have had to be kept off the fields and confined to their walkout stalls. The youngest Venus DreamWalker hasn't liked this one little bit. Out of all the members of the group Wit has handled it best actually seeming to prefer the comfort of the known.
He loves routine.
He is the most gentle giant in his stall...reading your mind as you go about cleaning. He moves slowly and precisely just as you begin to think it would be nice if he did. When your eyes go to the mound of poo near his back right foot...the right foot magically moves just far enough to be able to clean it out with the manure fork.
It is a silent dance with many thanks and appreciative strokes as we tango.
He earned the removal of half of the 'top rail' electric tape yesterday. He hasn't shown signs of distress for any reason and it is my plan to take it all down after I return from a holiday away. I try not to make major changes to habitat or diet before I know I will be away.
I knew the fillies would want to run around when freedom was at hand so I decided to turn Jet and Wit into the field and the three girls into the ring which connects to three small paddocks. I left the ring gate closed until they'd burned off most of their beans and then let them loose to run down to go be next to the older two.
I also strung a line of white tape a few feet inside the joint fence line to restrict talking over the fence. It was not connected to the electric fence but the psychological effect was just as powerful and the fillies did not test it.
This arrangement worked extremely well.
Jet and Wit went straight to eating and acted as though they'd been out together every day.

Trinity and Venus run the fence line looking for a way 'over'

Things are settling down, they've all had some good rolls and romps..

Trin lets me know they really really really want to go out into the other paddocks now

In spite of all the running around in the ring Jet and Wit seem oblivious to it all.

Wit is mellowing ...putting on soft weight. He was relatively fit when he arrived but also extremely overanxious. This softening coincides with his feeling more at home and relaxed.

The next few days, weather permitting. I'll be experimenting with different turnout order as well as mixing up his companions from time to time. I've begun rotating the mares in the stall / paddock next to him so they all get to know each other individually.
One interesting note from yesterday is that when I went to bring Wit and Jet in from grass, Jet rounded Wit up and took him away. Each time he would attempt to return to be 'caught' she'd round him up and take him away. Finally he managed to get close enough and in he went.
Today I plan to turn him out with Sirius and Venus.
Stay tuned.

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