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Monday, 24 March 2014


I took some time to knock mud off the horses and give them a 'conscious' grooming before turnout this morning. Hannah was here to feed, clean stalls and paddocks which left me with two hands itching for work. The idea of sleeping in has become foreign and impossible despite my best efforts.

The conscious grooming gives me an opportunity to feel where everyone is at and today everyone felt quite nice....most noticeably Wit.

His body has softened.

I could not find a trace of tightness or anxiety anywhere.

During the currying his back and topline remained in place and if anything rose to the massage rather than ducking under even the slightest pressure as he had been doing.

Chores complete I asked Hannah if she would turn out while I photographed.

I took our coffee and freshly baked muffins to the tipi and waited while she prepared to bring Jet to the paddock.

Hot coffee and bran muffins ala Les Barnes...the best!
Hannah and I are ready to witness for a while.

 Venus and Wit watch Jet heading to the paddock

 Wit paws lightly and stops to watch

Jet has nearly reached the field

 This is a monumental moment to witness...rather than reacting to the anxiety and the energy of separation by rearing, pawing or attempting to jump the fences Wit drops to the ground and rolls. He has found a better way to process.... ground ground ground

 Wit is next to come out...

He and Jet act as old friends...all is calm and quiet
 Trinity and Sirius arrive...still all is quiet

 Sirius and Wit had been visiting when Venus arrives through the gate...
and launches herself into a dead run trying to instigate the others into running laps

Sirius caught up to Venus and stopped her from was as if she said 'hey we're not doing that today...there is work going on over here'...and took her back to the group of mares where they remained for quite a long time...simply grazing with Wit off to the side a suitable distance away. 
He had been proving to them that he understood the boundaries.

 Trinity moved in to speak with Wit...muzzle to muzzle...eye to eye.. note their feet do not change position during this exchange

 Wit commits a 'sin' by pushing into Trin's space...and is reprimanded soundly and chased until he turns and faces and in...cries uncle...says he gets it and asks the mares to please give him another chance

 The rest of the morning was fairly uneventful, until Jet began to get grumpy for no apparent reason.
She was irritated by all of the horses in one way or another. She'd been refereeing between Trinity and Wit and it seemed as though she simply got tired. I decided to bring them in to give her a break...even though she resisted being caught. used all the tricks she could remember....but I have a few she hadn't met yet..

It occurred to me this afternoon that about the same time Jet 'got grumpy' some of our neighbors had appeared. One in particular who seems to always be grumpy and snarly with his family.
Coincidence? I think not ;)

The eagles were around all morning, flying in and around the paddocks..trying to catch lunch

I'll be taking a break, giving the horses some quiet transition time while I prepare notes for an upcoming presentation in Victoria. Would be so much easier if I could take the horses to town!!

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