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Monday, 10 March 2014

Whitty Wastes no Time...

Day Four...Whitty wastes no time

The day began early. The rain had continued during the night along with high winds. My newest apprentice Ren was at the farm to help groom horses prior to a group due to arrive early in the afternoon.

Stalls were cleaned, the horses fed, water buckets were scrubbed and filled.
Ren groomed Whitty while I watched to see how they would be together.
He was a perfect gentle man.
She moved outside and on to Jet.

Ren preparing Jet for the day

Blankets were pulled off of the fillies for the day and I went along grooming the three.

Noon hay and grain was given, Ren left and I took some time to prepare myself.

As the guests arrived and parked along the road I greeted them at the gate.
Sirius, Whitty and Trinity stabled on the east side of the barn could see the new arrivals and all were very alert.
I noted that the three had already begun to process the newly arrived energy....the horses' heads had begun to bow and licking and chewing had commenced. Whitty gave a few soft yawns...

The east side of the barn...
Whitty's head is low and relaxed 
Sirius on the left has commenced yawning

The women were invited to enter the barn where we stood and talked while 'entrainment' continued to take place. For several minutes we talked, learning a little about one another....all the while I was noting in my mind and sometimes aloud how the horses were working the energy. We began with a visit to Sirius' stall. The now 2 1/2 yr. old filly immediately approached the door and engaged wholeheartedly with the group.
After a time she indicated she had finished and I slid her door closed. 

My intention was to walk along, past Whittington's stall to Trinity since she had been showing an eagerness to work. 

I'd written a note on the whiteboard explaining that Whitty was new to the herd, that he was currently in a process of integration and I thanked people for understanding why we would be allowing him time to himself.

Someone (me) forgot to tell Whitty!

As I passed his door I glanced to see him looking out his walkout door. His left hip was dropped and relaxed.  I noticed his eye on me....and I clearly heard him say  "I am ready".....

I told the women I was going to open his door but that if he chose to ignore us the door would be closed and we would move on.
I invited them to stand in a semi circle in front of the stall door. As I slid the door open Whitty immediately, without a second of hesitation, pivoted on his right hind foot and swung his enormous body in one movement to face his visitors.
He moved his great head and neck in one gentle sweeping motion scanning everyone present at chest level. On the next pass he scanned at brow level and stopped at a few of the guests giving what I refer to as a 'triactivation'...gentle breath on left temple, right of brow....

tears began to well in my eyes.
Luc was famous for this particular gift and I knew I was watching a master at work.
I asked the women if they minded if I took photographs. There were 'yesses' all round so I stepped away to retrieve my camera from the feed room.
Even the sound of the squeaky door hinges was not enough to stop Whitty from doing 'his work'..

 Whitty works with a guest at 'heart level' 
Brow and crown are highly engaged as well as noted by the ear and eye positions

 Throat and heart

 The posture of the guest has changed indicating more energy flow through the upper 'body'

 Whitty works in an area where a known problem exists

 A final scan

Satisfied with his work he pivots back to his walkout door...
finished with the 'up close and personal'

Whitty continues 'licking and chewing'...processing the energy from a distance..his dropped hip shows his level of relaxation. 

We took time to have some discussions and then moved along to visit Trinity Red Star and ended with Venus DreamWalker. Jet chose to remain outside working from a distance which is not unusual when groups of women visit. She feels the cycles of the women deeply and lets the younger mares do the rest of the work.

Complete and as if on cue, the resident pair of eagles returned to the nearby trees, their voices raised in song. 
A perfect ending to a wonderful session.

The guests left and so I let Whitty's stall guard down giving him access to the outside paddock. He ran outside, dropped and had a good muddy roll and returned inside as if to say 'When do the next people get here?'
Soon Whitty, soon.