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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Integrating a New Member 2


I like to offer new horses an opportunity to meet the herd in a large open area....lots of room to get away if needed...high fences to keep them together yet separate but with all the rain and therefore mud in the paddocks the only area suitable was the riding ring and the round pen inside it.

I led Whitty to the round pen and went back to the barn to bring the mares out beginning with the matriarch Jet. She ran straight to the round pen and began squealing, striking at the bars of the pen and then squatted to 'pee' ..... she had come into heat earlier than usual for her.
Next came Trinity, followed by Sirius and Venus.
The three younger mares ran around bucking and squealing having been 'cooped up' in their stalls and walkouts for days!...and then they ran to the round pen to investigate the new boy.
Almost immediately Trinity's ears disappeared. She became very protective of Jet and attempted to come between the older mare, who was fully occupied desperately trying to convince the 'stallion' to breed her, and the new horse.

Sirius showed an instant 'hatred'..... 

Whitty in the round pen, the four mares race around the edge

First 'greeting' and assessment of the energy of the new horse

Jet squats to 'pee', Venus decides grounding is in order and she and Sirius 
move away from the activity near the round pen

Venus chose to wander off on her own rolling to ground the energy

Trinity exhibits her feelings.... 
Venus comes between Jet and Trinity in an attempt to 'break it up' ..

Sirius and Venus head to the puddle....
water is an excellent conduit for energy..
easy to ground in and through

Whitty drops and begins a series of  dozens of grounding rolls

Jet is still trying to hold Whitty's attention to her needs...
Sirius shows her continued displeasure of the change in herd energy dynamics

The three younger mares' ears are forward showing they are feeling better about the new boy...
Whitty is trying to act like a stallion but his lowered testosterone isn't allowing him to complete the action...for which we are eternally thankful....
the last thing we need is a studdy gelding!

Whitty shows signs of being a helpful friend to the mares when they come into Luc was.
Geldings can be instrumental in moving energy from gonad/sacral chakras thereby relieving pain.

Jet and Trinity have been taken back to the barn. 
The three remaining horses are calm...
Sirius and Venus will more than likely make up his first turnout group when the time comes.

My observations for this first initiation are that Whitty has few 'herd' social skills but has excellent hardwired instincts. 
He is out of balance in root, gonad, heart and crown.

Whitty's imbalance in crown (abundance) is the reason Trinity seems to despise him....she is particularly sensitive to crown energy. All horses are....but she is more sensitive than most.

His imbalance in gonad or sacral (abundance) is the reason Jet has come in to season early and another reason Trinity shows displeasure. Chestnut mares (Jet and Trinity) are more sensitive to energy in this area than any other coloured mare....even those who have been born chestnut and roaned to gray will be more sensitive. I compare them to hot tempered red haired Celtic women.... just more sensitive.
A friend of mine from years ago was a vet who recorded his calls for colicking horses. His records showed that chestnut mares outnumbered all other horses. He wasn't sure why....but thought it might have something to do with DNA.
Years later I determined it was due to their heightened sensitivity to energy...which is why I appreciate them so much in the work we do. They'll pick up on the subtleties that others miss.....

Whitty's restriction through root chakra will be the 'root' cause of his bone cyst. This restriction prevents grounding to earth and leads to many lamenesses and behavior issues.

It is unusual to find a domestic horse who is not restricted through the heart chakra
Such restrictions begin during weaning...weaning is an unnatural event no matter how humans orchestrate it.
The manner in which we buy, sell, move horses from place to place, person to person closes the heart and soul down more and more....

All of these imbalances will shift and change over the coming days, weeks, months and years so stay tuned for updates on the process and progress.