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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Day One Together as a herd in the making....

 Wit and Jet were led out together and turned loose. Jet dropped down for a good grounding roll.

Wit searches for his sweet spot to roll

 Intent on finding a suitable spot he all but ignores Jet as she trots by him

 So far their being turned out together is quiet and uneventful.

 Wit is finally settling for a spot

 His long awaiting mud encrusting, dirt grinding, heavenly roll

 Wit begins to be curious about his new field.
We chose to 'sacrifice' the grass in this field in order to allow the horses the room required to run and play.
It is important when integrating horses in a herd that they have enough room to move and get away from one another when necessary.

 The halters have been left on both Jet and Wit in case things go sideways and they need to be caught and returned to their stalls.

An eagle flies in...

 ...and lands overhead...touchdown

 I chose to add Venus as the next herd mate due to her having been paddocked next to Wit for most of the time since his arrival.
They have a quiet easy relationship.

 These two get along very well...

 Trinity was chosen to be added to the mix of energy.
She is Jet's 'favorite' and mimics Jet's dominant lead mare 'ways'...
I felt things might get energized and somewhat territorial with this addition and didn't want all five horses in the field until this mix settled somewhat.

 Jet and Trin 'team tag' ... the mare next door has called and caught everyone's attention.
She lives alone and would love to join in...

Venus looks toward the barn wondering where Sirius is...

 Things settle down quite nicely...the mares more interested in grass than much else...all according to far.

 Still relatively calm and Sirius is added to the mix!

 All five horses take to the rail and begin lapping the field.

 Wit runs to the inside and overtakes the mares... I should have warned him about this ..
they will not like this appropriation of hierarchy 

 Trinity Red Star cuts to the inside to begin a process of putting Wit where she believes he should be..

 Venus DreamWalker is delighted they are running! and is avoiding all semblances of politics among the herd members.

 The mares work as a group to double Wit back and begin to teach him how close he can get to 'the herd' and to keep his place...well behind the others!

 Wit attempts to place himself in lead position and the mares, especially Trinity, set him straight

Pinned ears and deliberate pace warns Wit of Trin's intentions

 Wit agrees to stop and listen to reason and take direction..but his posture is still too 'up' to suit Trinity

 Trinity clamps a hard and fast bite to Wit's left hip..more than an admonition ...
it is also where she has noted a restriction in flow....
this does not look 'fair or pretty' but it is a beginning of many healings and teachings for Wit.
The mares will be feeling the parts of Wit that are not flowing well and will do whatever it takes to get things moving.
If he is to share their space he must be in good flow.

 As long as Wit stays at the rear of the group....and about twenty feet or so outside their circle he is left alone...

 The mares relax and nibble grass...

 Wit moves in slowly...'grazing'..he is beginning to really watch for their language..

 He has reached the perimeter of the bubble and is about to step inside..

 Lead mare matriarch Jet quietly, calmly, firmly moves him out..

 He obeys...and she immediately turns it off, turns away and heads back to her girls

She drops her head to graze...she has used no more or less energy than is required to get the desired result.
Jet is firm, consistent and above all fair. 

 Wit has resigned to his place..

 Sirius commits to moving toward Wit, head down in a non threatening manner

 Wit is eager to get to know her...and make friends...
 but Jet has rules...and they are not to be broken until Wit has entrained his energy to the herd and Jet gives the all clear!

 In one deliberate swift movement Jet cuts Sirius back the herd and Wit to his place outside the bubble...again using not one drop more than is required to get the job done

 The herd energy is 'blending' and Venus drops to ground...

 ...followed by Sirius..

 and finally Wit..

The horses continued to graze peacefully without incident until it was time to bring them in to prepare for the afternoon.

In the days to come my hope is to witness and photograph Wit's acceptance in to the healing herd...
stay tuned.

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