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Monday, 24 March 2014

Adjustments...Minor and Major

March 23, 2014

Apprentices Ren  and Hannah helped during turnout this morning. Hannah led Jet to the field while I watched Wit's reaction to being left behind. The two had gone out at the same time yesterday so this was an opportunity for me to see how well Wit was working things out in his mind. In order to be quiet minded he needs to feel secure during all types of scenarios and turnout configurations.
He watched her go from inside the barn and quickly exited his stall to watch her go to the pasture some distance away.
He popped up on his hind legs a couple of times as if to say he'd like to jump out and go with her. He pawed at the ground a few times and then stood quietly.
I waited until Hannah returned to the barn and then called Wit to come inside to get his halter on.
When he didn't respond I went to his door, showed him his halter and he immediately came inside. He remained calm, quiet...showing impeccable manners.
He has been allowed to dive for grass and we worked on that..he'll soon give it up just as he has given up searching for hand fed treats. It has been a full week since he has checked hands for treats.

He and Jet grazed quietly almost ignoring each other.
Trinity came out next. 
Jet moved towards a center point between Trinity and Wit and lay down to ground.

 Balance point


 Sirius and Venus came next and still all stayed calm and quiet

 A test...can Wit ignore the fillies?

 Jet is moving in from behind Wit...she feels he has crowded Venus

 The 'run' begins and once more Wit 'makes the mistake' of attempting to lead

The mares race from behind positioning themselves

 The mares surround his hindquarters and push Wit close to the fence

 Wit reorganizes himself trying to figure out what he has done 'wrong'

 Another test...Sirius moves in and past Wit ... he minds his business

 Trin warns Wit with a look..he marches past in spite of the warning

 Wit is moving past to catch up to his friend Venus

 Trin and Jet move him away

 He is pushed a distance away on the hillside
 He stays..he is learning and remembering the language of his mother

 Wit is tested again

 This photo shows his angst at trying to do the right thing..

 So far so good...

 Venus tests by moving in close, grazing with Wit and moving away.
If he ignores, continues to graze he'll have shown the mares that he is indeed willing to take the back seat
It is a common misconception that herd sires (stallion or gelding) are the leaders. 

 Wit moves his head and neck away from Venus 'giving way'..passing the test

 Jet is watching from a vantage point where she can see all...she is the leader here

 Wit has followed Venus when she moved away from him so Jet and Trinity move in to nip this in the bud

 Trinity bites down behind the wither moving Wit off and away

 Jet has moved between Trin and Wit ... 
she feels Trinity has used too much force ... more than she would have.
She is a good teacher of fairness and firmness.
All settled down again, the horses grazed for a time and then were brought back in.
Wit's manners at the gate, taking his turn are 100%.
A true joy to be around and to work with.

This young eagle dropped in to say hello.

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