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Saturday, 19 April 2014

An Invitation To Balance

April 18, 2014

Herd turnout has been a very peaceful event. Wit is remembering his native language from his horse culture in leaps and bounds.
The dance which invites the new horse to balance through  touch is beginning to be choreographed.
Trinity and Wit finds themselves in the middle of the pasture while the other three mares are scattered around the fringe.
One horse, in this case Trinity, will initiate the dance while the others, Jet, Sirius and Venus will stay just far enough away that they can assist with the movement of energy while not intimidating Wit in any way.
Trinity begins the dance by moving closer to Wit....head stays down...she continuously grazes and her eyes stay soft and half closed.

 As Trin moves in closer Wit's body is poised to leave to our left..

 Wit relaxes when he senses she is not asking him to move, but rather to stay..

 Trin moves around Wit and begins to guide him in a circle...from time to time she will 'look' at his hind legs without lifting her head from grazing and give just enough 'push' to have him turn on his forehand.
 Wit moves his head to the inside as Trin moves hers to the outside..she is inviting rather than chastising for this movement that had been reprimanded in earlier encounters.

 Wit leans his body in...Trin leans hers out..again an invitation

 All the while the mares are redirecting energy through their bodies in a balancing, entraining Wit's energy deeper into the herd and the herd's energy deeper in to Wit.

 Wit moves slowly through Trin's energy taking what he needs as he goes.
 Their heads remain down at all times...chewing....moving energy to ground.

 Wit moves closer, weaving through the energy

 Trin's eyes have remained soft, half closed, sometimes appearing like small slits...she is working, working, working..

 Wit's eyes have half closed to 'slits' ... and he moves to Trin's side

 Their heads move toward each other...eyes still soft, bodies 'slack' and 'off the muscle'

 Wit moves to the outside and drops to the ground
 He is in a most vulnerable position...grounding his energy into Mother Earth...and Trinity continues on..eating, chewing, moving energy to ground.

 The dance complete, for now, Wit leaves..

 Jet immediately joins Trinity and balances heart energy...

The eagles fly in and we are complete.

Each day Wit's personality exposes more and more of itself. He is kind, sweet and intelligent. Last evening at turn in time he stood back to allow the younger girls a chance to come to the gate and they quietly deferred to him .... he looked as though he was saying 'are you sure?' and then came to the gate. Quietly, gently, calmly...absolutely no apprehension or excitement when left in his stall.
For me, this is one of the most satisfying transformations to witness.

It would be easy to interfere and speed the process. I do that for other horse owners often! You can integrate a herd swiftly!
To watch how they do it without much human interference is a greater learning experience in my mind anyway.
Had they been turned out 24/7 the process would have been completed long ago. The key is that the horses must have 'enough' to get the job done.
Enough room to move away from one another.
Enough feed.
Enough water...and so on.
Something of great importance and noteworthy is that there are no marks on these horses resulting from bites or kicks.

That is very telling.

Today is the 19th and I fully expect to see some physical body work begin today...and I'll have the camera ready!

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