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Monday, 21 April 2014

The Body Work Begins....

Many invitations to 'mutual balance' were offered up to Wit during the day. He declined all, often trotting away with a little obvious nervousness, not understanding the intentions behind the offerings.
Mid afternoon Venus followed by Sirius lay down to ground and meditate as horses often do.

Wit seemed to wander to this particular spot and went down hard as fast as though he'd been drugged.
Trinity and Jet 'bookend' the herd

Trinity works on solar plexus and root...biting at her flank. Jet's tail is raised indicating she is passing gas..a method of moving root energy

Jet works above Sirius
Trinity had barely touched Wit on his whithers (heart chakra) and I heard him squeal as though in pain....I was in the house shooting this series through the kitchen window....which was the squeal was loud! He made to jump up but Trinity is telling him to stay down by blocking his exit door quite firmly...

Wit is too intimidated to remain in such a vulnerable position and he leaps up and sideways...

He swings around and past Trinity as she steps toward Jet..

Jet and Trinity engage in heart chakra balancing and Wit quickly turns back to their vicinity 

The two mares continue to balance while Wit remains calmly next to them..
This work can be done through one another and it isn't always necessary for the main target to be physically engaged in the work!
Wit turns his head toward the mares in a gesture which basically tests their 'new' attitude toward him. Feeling comforted Wit joins the herd in a closer more intimate manner... 

The herd is 'tight' .... entrained to one another.

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