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Monday, 19 May 2014

All Heart and then some

This morning, May 19, 2014 at around 5 a.m. it was just getting light enough to see the horses along the rear fence bordering the neighbours.
A bit of a stretch for the camera from inside the house, but I have been waiting for this portion of Wit's integration to take place and felt poor quality photos are better then none so went ahead and starting documenting.
The majority of the exchange is between Trinity and Wit and may have begun much earlier this morning although judging from Wit's 'clumsiness' I suspect this is the start or very close to it.
What I have noticed throughout this exchange is that unlike any other session I have witnessed, the muzzles stay quiet, almost fixed, as though movement would over stimulate.
It also appears that both Trinity and Venus are entering their heat cycles.

Initiation and invitation...very gently done.

Wit connects with Trinity through crown..

Both horses appear 'heady' and I suspect since Jet and Sirius are still laying flat out that a group meditation has been completed or nearly completed.

Licking, chewing, movement

Wit backed up and went to Jet and gently moved his muzzle along her shoulder (heart) to ground.

Trinity slowly cut between pushing Wit back to where they had been.

Heart and Solar Plexus...

More licking, chewing and yawning..

The physical balance is initiated again..

Learning the 'ballet' of switching sides

Still, the muzzles remain fixed and quiet...

Touch and breathwork..

Jet's position on the earth grounds the process for all...Venus runs energy through heart

 Venus shifts weight on the hind opening and closing energy entry exit points, moving energy to ground more efficiently. 

 From time to time Wit seeks comfort from by Trin tucking into her chest (heart chakra) as he would have done with his mother

Wit is clearly moving old memories and trauma and Trin is keeping him safe in a sacred way

 From time to time Wit bites on his shoulder....heart chakra and immediately swipes along Trin's neck and shoulder which stimulates his heart chakra (as well as the rest of the herd's, they are ONE)

Jet's head has lowered...she feels this strongly

 Again, a release from heart, through throat, brow, crown..the ears, the tension through the face speak volumes

 Trin remains solid and unmoved....holding space for this process.

She comforts him.

 They move past one another...

A few minutes later Wit backs in to Trinity...he is seeking balance and grounding through root to ground..but his language for asking is a little crude at this point but he will soon learn that if he hangs in with her from 'front to back' the entire process will be slicker and quicker! She does oblige in spite of his roughness and rubs his tail top and swoops to the ground which is the mares' way of brushing off energy to ground.

 Trinity assesses Wit's flow through heart and determines he is good.

 Venus continues to ground behind the pair.

 Trinity gives Wit a quick lesson in a front to rear overall balance and grounding and they go their separate ways to graze.

 Sirius has remained in the opposite corner of the field, watching...

Wit moving away to graze. His head is down, relaxed. His footfalls are even. He looks and 'feels' very good today.

The Morning Meditation....a snippet

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