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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Saturday May 10, 7:30 p.m.

We'd had a client earlier in the afternoon and the horses continued their work long after the departure of the client as is often the case. Bringing balance to the herd is of course their priority but this session seemed like much more than that.
'Dinner' had been ignored in deference to a seemingly sacred conference between the eagles, horses, quail, hummingbird and a turkey vulture....the seen of the group. I can't begin to imagine the unseen members.

 The eagle pair sitting in the west of the group.

Quail sitting to the east.

The horses have been gathering in this area of their pastures and paddocks although they have many other choices.

Very deep meditative states are reached..

Wit reaches around himself to move energy from root to ground..

Sirius Eclipse props her heavy head and is grounded..

Both Venus and Wit simultaneously use a hind foot to move root through to crown and ground.

Many hummingbirds have come to sit in the north of this group effort.

Wit has gone down on the ground and slowly lays flat a very deep state

A single turkey vulture, a modern day phoenix, a symbol of transformation flies in a figure eight, infinity pattern, over the entire group and the eagle pair..

Venus has held the position of watcher and now assumes the role of awakener.. she arouses Sirius

She yawns several big yawns above Jet bringing her back to awareness.

She moves purposefully toward Wit bringing him back...

Venus and Sirius engage in some heart chakra balancing to finish the session. A full three hours past their usual grain feeding time they finally moved toward their feeders.

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