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Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Next Step...

May 11, 2014...Mother's Day

I have been watching for the next step in Witty's integration and finally today snippets can be seen of this process. Many horse people, actually most, will refer to this as mutual grooming....but in reality it is the horses' way of bringing balance through physical body work. This can be as gentle as a breath or as vicious as nasty open mouthed bites and full on kicks. I stopped trying to categorize any or all as good or bad, helpful or not, but I do know that this step is critical to their productiveness and their abilities to be helpful to the herd components and the whole.

Today has been a day of great revelation as to why the herd has moved their location to the south end of the pasture....there is a flock of sheep there that appear to be engaged in deep work in conjunction with the horses, eagles, quail, hummingbirds, purple finches, turkey vultures...and the list goes on. I managed to zoom in on Jet and the sheep this morning...

The horses lay down in a row except Wit. He remained upright standing guard over the others as they went deeper into meditation.

Eventually, Venus awakened and moved toward Wit, inviting him to take a turn in meditation with the others.
He seemed to resist for a time...and the following few photos show him turning away from Venus...and then she uses a mare to foal technique I have witnessed dozens of times between mares and their foals, but this was the first I had witnessed it between a young filly and an older horse. She moved her muzzle in a few gentle 'swiping' movements from hip to 'ground' just off the body...and as though he had no choice in the matter Wit drops to the ground and enters a near immediate state of meditation...

 As Wit drops to the ground Venus 'shakes' and begins to yawn....raising her level of consciousness.
For now she will assume the role of watcher..

I had clients late morning into the early afternoon and the horses worked as a cohesive healing group creating magic as they moved around the fields at will. They are free to go where they choose and rarely if ever asked to move toward a client if it is not of their choosing.

When the clients had gone the herd resumed its balancing or re-balancing as the case might be. I was certain 'body work' was on the menu and was watching from the family room window....waiting...and I was not disappointed. The first attempts are awkward but very telling. Trinity invites Wit...after he has been successfully 'caged' in by the mares...and initially he ignores her but within a few moments he reciprocates..

He becomes a bit confused by the language and not unlike a mare who has forgotten the language when a newborn foal appears at her feet he searches for an outlet...and in this case Venus who is standing in front of him and to his right becomes the recipient..

Wit tries various degrees of pressure and techniques and at one point becomes to strong and Venus simply moves off.

Trinity repositions herself which lends direction to Wit telling him to turn about face...and he complies.

They move past one another...a balancing of both beings' energies and he moves into Sirius' space.

Wit and Sirius have had more then their share of scuffles..but in this case she is allowing of his seeking balance with her.

Wit rubs his head along his front right leg...he uses both the top of his head and his muzzle...signifying the movement to crown, brow through heart to ground... Sirius' ear position suggests she is working through crown energies...similar to a headache in humans...and she is accepting of his healing effort.

Sirius stands quietly as Wit moves along her body to throat..

When Wit moves into her heart chakra area she is not pleased with the feeling. Either he has moved in too quickly, has nipped her or he is not balanced enough himself to work on the heart energies... She leaves him no doubt in his mind that she does not approve...

Several more attempts have been made over the course of the last few hours and I have no doubts whatsoever that within the next few days body work lessons will continue..and be successful!

Here are a few of our helpers today.
During the session with clients several eagles along with several turkey vultures circled high above our heads.

Seagulls on the house chimney

One of our resident eagles..

Thank you.
Tina Barnes

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