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Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Fillies Working the Energy

April 10, 2012 a.m. Jet, the elder mare, began a strong heat cycle at the recent Full Moon. She has been irritable and 'off balance' during this cycle. Young Sirius Eclipse drops to the ground in an attempt to help with the energy.
Sirius stands again and moves to Jet's side, feeling her energies in a more intimate manner.
Sirius begins a series of deep yawns to help the energy move.
Sirius engages Trinity Red Star in some 'balancing' beginning with the heart center, muzzles working circles on and just behind the withers. The methods they will use are exactly as taught to them by their dams.
The two fillies move a little further back using a series of 'sweeps' along the spine.

As the energy 'expands' in the gonad (sacral) they move back to the withers and continue to work there. This helps open the pathways even more than before....and they'll work their way back to the gonad as they 'feel' the mare and their own systems can handle the increased flow of force.
Notice throughout the series of pictures that the mare, Jet remains stationary, left hip dropped and left hind leg resting.
The fillies move to the rear and combine sweeping the spine balancing Solar Plexus and Gonad (Trinity) with muzzle circles on the root (Sirius)...

Both fillies engage in sweeping....when the mare 'sweeps' her foal she uses her chin and rubs quite firmly from center of back to withers to root and off the back of her foal...

The fillies are preparing to switch sides...

They both have a series of several deep jaw stretching, eye rolling yawns...

They continue to work much the same as the first side but with more work towards the root center.

Both fillies give a 'nip' to the hip to relay that the balancing session is complete.
They move toward Jet and notice she is shifting her weight to the other leg.
The fillies drop their noses to the ground in front of Jet which quite literally 'grounds' the energies.

More deep yawning to move energy...
Jet switches weight bearing leg again...
and stands square...balanced.
The session is complete.

This is typical behavior as seen in herds of all sizes especially when the horses have had some degree of interaction with others in a natural environment.
The two fillies Trinity and Sirius were born on a ranch among the herd which included the stallion as well as a herd of cattle.
They had minimal handling or interference from humans prior to delivery to Highfields at my request. It was well worth it!


  1. I sure enjoy your photo stories. Thanks :)

  2. Thanks Hallie....I'm loving being in this computer, digital, see it post it world :) When I first began studying the mares and foals twenty some odd years ago I had to rely on my my age cameras are a good thing! Hah!