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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Wit Leads The Way

May 12 2014
Another brilliant sun filled day which seemed to bring out the absolute best in Wit. I watched from time to time through the windows as I went about tidying the house. My practice is to get done what I can while checking the herd from time to time for significant changes. An eagle flew in and that usually signifies work about to begin...and so it did. I watched Wit search for the perfect spot....they do this by lowering the nose to the ground and moving in a vaguely broken line as though testing energy as they go. He placed his feet and buckled down to the ground. At first I thought it would be just him, alone, but when the three fillies joined him I picked up my camera knowing something new and different for Wit was about to take place. 
He was leading the ceremony.

All three fillies joined him...Jet is off to the left, grazing but watching.

 Sirius is searching for her 'balance point' before committing to a location. They will all do this as the group meditation gets under way.

 Trinity is seeking her balance point...

Jet has moved into the picture literally..

Venus is unsure at this point. She is torn between joining the group or being playful...she toys with the idea of 'waking' the group up...but watch as Jet gives Venus clear direction on what to do.

Venus nudges Sirius asking her to get up...

Trinity has made the choice to switch over to the other side sensing she will find balance there.

 Barely enough room allows Trinity to move between Venus and Wit causing both horses to raise their heads to make room.

 On the other side Trinity quickly chooses her spot, places her feet, and goes down.

 Venus is getting drowsier by the minute, feeling the change in consciousness...Jet has changed direction of focus and is about to 'push' Venus around a little bit with her head and eyes but above all her energy thoughts.

As Jet swoops past Venus commits to turn, finds her position and goes down.

 Trinity and Sirius are physically touching rump to rump...Venus has tucked in front of Wit's head, neck and shoulder.

As Jet moved closer to her position of choice the last few days I wondered who the watcher would be...and eagle assured me it was she.

 Jet finding her optimum energy point..

 Committed, down she goes.

 The sheep next door move to join her..

Licking, licking, licking, she moves huge amounts of energy..

The horses remained down for approximately forty minutes... and then Wit rose. The eagle flew off... 

 The next photographs show Wit awakening the group, but also show something else that I would like to draw attention to.
Wit moves energy to ground through heart in what seems to be an effortless manner.

 He is licking, signifying movement of energy from solar plexus, through heart, throat, brow....but reaches around to move to ground from gonad and root....this is the leg he has had lameness issues in his past...a known restriction in flow of energy.... 

 He moves forward to begin to awaken the others...beginning with Trinity.

 He has moved his muzzle to the very location he himself has a restriction of flow...she begins to awaken as is Venus..and you may note Wit's penis has begun to drop. 

 With gonad stimulated by an inability to flow to ground Wit is once again exhibiting stallion like behavior.
 Trinity gets up, and is neither receptive nor pleased with his overtures.

 Venus stretches while Venus in the background uses a hind foot (ground) to scratch her muzzle and chin which helps move energy up the system and off.

Trinity's ears are back letting Wit know she is not receptive but at the same time she offers him balance. 

 As his energy flows...the penis retracts...balance returns.

 The focus moves to Sirius who has been very far away indeed.

 Wit now turns his attention to Jet...

 He moves purposefully toward her and frankly I was you do not want to tick this mare off...but he went for it..and I was thinking the worst. I have witnessed her teachings over this type of disturbance in the past and she can be fast and furious when giving such teachings!

 Right about here I was thinking Run Wit Run.....

 But once again I am surprised to see the calm quiet cooperation between this herd when they are working together as one.

 Jet calmly 'comes to'...and the herd balances as necessary and begins to graze again. Up until this point Wit has been made to wait til all others drink....immediately after this session Wit walked to the water bowl followed by Sirius and Jet...Sirius and Jet held Venus and Trinity back until Wit had finished drinking and had moved on... Quite fascinating to me.

A group visit to the horses later in the day found Wit front and center, engaging with the children....he seems to love being with them and they a magnetic force not to be denied ;)

Another thing of note was that during the Medicine Horse Visit Trinity and Wit engaged in a full on complete balance as thought they had been doing this every single day, which they have not. It is as if they put all else aside when they are engaged in healing work for others. A beautiful thing to witness and I give thanks for the privilege.

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